Mezzanine Engine


The Mezzanine Engine is our flagship product, it is a framework to integrate high performance 3d graphics, real time physics and other facilities modern video games need in a way that is cross-platform and easy to use. When Catch! is complete it will be an ongoing tech demo of what the engine can do.


We have a number of goals going into this when we started this project:

  • Provide every major library/resource a typical A+ quality game needs
    • 3d Graphics
    • Real time physics
    • 3d surround sound
    • User input
  • Work on every major gaming platform
    • PC – Currently works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X(We are working fixing this)
    • Mobile Platforms – Working on Android and iOS Support
  • Completely insulate games built with this from needing any platform specific code.
  • Maintain backward as long as technically feasible.
  • Modular reusable design

We use several Open source libraries to get this functionality, so we don’t have to code everything ourselves, and we occasionally get new features without having to make them. Because of the libraries have chosen, and the design decisions we have made it was easy getting the Mezzanine Engine running on both Windows and Linux PCs. We believe porting it to Mac OS X, iPhone, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will be not be difficult. We also plan to port the engine to Web OS, Android and the Nintendo Wii, even though from our perspective these platforms will require a larger investment of time and effort.

This is licensed under the GPL3, so you can use it for any tasks you like as long as you avoid DRM/Copy protection, Non-Freely licensable Software Patents, and you only link this with other open source code. If you want to use this and don’t meet some or any of these requirements, Contact Us and maybe we can work something out.

Documentation and Tools

The engine is still in heavy development, but may be useful to some in it’s current state, so we will post documentation and useful links here:

External Dependencies

Being built from a number of components that work differently on multiple systems mean that there are different requirements in the different places this can be used. Despite the underlying differences we are working to keep game behavior identical in all places. To keep game behavior the same other things needed to change. We try to keep the a listing of the external libraries and their roles as we use them in the engine. Here are the listings of the

  1. Linux – External Library dependencies
  2. Mac OS – External Library dependencies
  3. Windows – External Library dependencies

Using and Building the Engine

There is still some work that needs to be done before this section can be finalized. For now please settle for a link to the Building the Engine page.

Bugs and Issues

We know this is still a work in progress. We keep the Engine Todo list handy and provide a publicized and measurable way of tracking our progress.