Progress Update

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Mar 182012

We have made some decent progress the last few months. A number of bugfixes have been made all around, and a few larger and more notable changes are detailed here.

Christmas lights attached a bicycle

Christmas lights attached a bicycle

A complete overhaul of how game objects can be attached to each other has been completed by John (Mako). Starting with Mezzanine::AttachableBase there is a hierarchy of classes which a game can use to create their own attachable children and parents. Currently AreaEffects, Cameras, Entities, Lights, ParticleEffects, and WorldNodes can be attached to WorldNodes and NonStaticWorldObjects which includes all actors. There are fairly simple default behaviours and this system should respond intuitively when used. For example, if you attach several green and red lights to an actor that looks like a bicycle you might get something that looks the picture to the right.

We have also updated Bullet 3d, the physics engine that does the work behind the scenes. The main feature that will be easy for games built with the Mezzanine is the more stable constraints specifically the 6 degree of freedom constraint. There are a number of other upgrades and we will work to expose in the unified Mezzanine API.

The beginnings of a Lua interpreter and compiler have been integrated into the Mezzanine by Joe (Sqeaky). Currently it is compiling and running test scripts in Catch! to help identify any performance issues this might cause.

A fresh set of the API documents have been uploaded for all to see at and you can also download a tar archive or zip archive for an off-line copy of the docs.


Physgame to Mezzanine

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Dec 032011
 Physgame to Mezzanine

More than Two years in the making, and much progress has been made and much more progress will come. We having working 3d graphics and physics on Windows and Linux. The engine also currently has 3d sound support, multiple levels of physics detail, a fast xml parser, detailed reporting on collisions, partial serialization and deserialization [...]

Sep 302011
Community Outreach

We have recently started to try and make the presence of BlackTopp Studios and it’s engine, the Physgame Engine better known throughout the community.  If you are joining us or checking us out for the first time feel free to have a look around and if you have any questions please contact us or ask [...]

Aug 072011
API Documentation Update

We have uploaded a new version of the Physgame API Documentation. We have converted the complete pugixml manual to correctly reference items in our API. The look and feel was changed to more closely match the webpage. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the new version of the documentation.

Vaguely Playable

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Jun 172011
Vaguely Playable

We have made a great deal of incremental progress and started plans for some bigger changes. John is busy in Canada building up the User Interface System to be more robust, easier to use and have a more complete set of widgets. Gary and Nastasja have created enough art and 3d models to complete four [...]

Mar 272011
New Documentation Available

We have uploaded a new version of the Physgame API Documentation. This is a great overview of our current progress if you are interested in making video games with the Physgame Engine. A significant effort has been made to keep it up to date with the actual engine functionality, but not as much effort was [...]

Mar 182011
Progress In the New Year

Since the new year we have been adding features and pressing for more performance in our game engine. Every member of the team something good to show. Kirk has the Mac port of the Physgame Engine back in a demo worthy state. John has added support for changing graphics configuration at run-time, added user interface [...]

Oct 062010
25,000 Lines, Art a Game Plan and a Whale

Still more steady progress to be made this update. The artist are getting close to having the levels we need for our steam submission. Progress on the code just keeps coming. Every has done their own piece. Dave and Gary have each assembled the 3d parts for several levels. John has coded a large number [...]

Aug 292010
Getting Rid of the Trash

We have had tons of progress since our last blog post. On the artwork side of the game our artists have made progress on some of the art for a stand alone levels and some campaign levels. Some of the models that have has been worked on include a bottle, and a knife set. Also [...]